Our Mask

We Set Out to Create a High Quality, Practical & Comfortable Mask That Folds Into a Beautiful Bow

 We Went Through Hundreds of Iterations And Improvements Over Nine Months to Create the Perfect Mask

3D stretch for comfort on the face and nose while contouring your features

Folds seamlessly into a beautiful bow for attachment to our patent pending Bowmas Bobble system accessories

Soft elastic ear loops that stretch to fit and keep you comfortable even with extended wear

High quality luxurious materials: face contouring wrinkle-free Liverpool Bullet exterior and t-shirt soft 100% cotton interior

Designed to avoid slipping while talking

Proudly handmade in the USA with exceptional craftsmanship

Get the Complete Bowmas Mask System

Bowmas Face Masks were engineered through countless prototypes not only to fit your face comfortably but also to fold into a beautiful bow. We have curated fabric that can withstand being tied into a bow and will look perfect when it is ready to wear! Our ear loops were also designed to attach easily and securely to our Bowmas Bobble Hair and Wrist Ties.

How Do You Fold
The Mask Into A Bow?