Be Safe
Stay Beautiful

The Bowmas System

Step 1

Choose our mask designed to fold into a perfect bow.

Step 2

Choose a bobble to attach the folded mask to your wrist or hair.

Step 3

Keep your mask stylishly accessible at all times. 
Be safe, stay beautiful.

Bowmas Was Started By a Working Mom to Solve a Problem With Which We're All Dealing

Keeping Your Mask Accessible At All Times

Not only do we offer a novel and stylish way to keep your mask close, through months of research and hundreds of prototypes, we have created what we believe to be the best and most flattering mask on the market.

Our patent pending system allows you to wear your mask elegantly on your wrist or in your hair while keeping the inside clean when it's not needed. You will never have to search for your mask again.

We Believe That Together We Can Help Protect Our Communities.

Our masks are hand made in the USA with the finest craftsmanship.

Female founded and family-run business with a conscience based in Seattle, Washington.

With every mask purchased we donate a piece of PPE to a woman's and children's shelter.

At Bowmas We Want You to Be Safe and Stay Beautiful!

Adult Face Mask
Our face masks were engineered not only to fit your face comfortably but also to fold into a beautiful bow.
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How Do You Fold the Mask Into a Bow?

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