About Us

Bowmas Is a Female Founded
Family Owned Business

Based in Seattle, Washington

Our Company Was Born From the Need to Conveniently Stay Safe While Remaining Stylish

As we all adapt to the global pandemic, we often find ourselves searching for our masks, forgetting them in the car or finding them in at the bottom of our purses.

Enter Bowmas

Our founder, Yasmin Chambers, was driving to work and saw a young mom drop her mask on the ground while trying to load groceries into her car while making sure her children were properly secured in their car seats. 

She knew there had to be a solution to this problem that we are all facing.  Inspired to find a way to make our lives easier in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, she created the Bowmas Mask System.

Hundreds of Prototypes

After countless hours of perfecting our masks and accessories, she created our patent pending mask system. Bowmas was created with quality, fashion and you in mind so enjoy what we believe is the best mask on the market. Be safe and Stay Beautiful!